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Item No. 1013

An important set of Library Steps made in Oak for Gonville Caius College, Cambridge. In the 1790\'s Thomas Sheraton noted that some models had a small platform or book rest at the top so that a gentleman, when he is looking at any book in his library, may note down a passage from it without the trouble of going down again. The Cambridge set shows in all carved elements the hand of ecclesiastical as well as secular craftsmanship typical of the first half of the 19th century, with even the smallest free flowing curves and scrolls executed with flair and a natural feeling for the timber restrained only by the disciplines of the period. Provenance:- Originally in Gonville Caius College, Cambridge. Thence to private ownership and John Bly.

Height: 76 ins (193 cms), Width: 21 ins (53 cms), Depth: 47 ins (119 cms),

Circa 1840

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Five generations