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antiques advice from John Bly



The John Bly Masterclass

John Bly

Published by www.pastmasters.tv

In this DVD John Bly, well known through over thirty years as a specialist on the BBC Antiques Roadshow and lifetime antiques dealer, takes you from his drawing board to a museum, a stately home, an award-winning antiques centre and the largest repository for period film and TV props anywhere in the world.

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Books in Print

Discovering Hallmarks on English Silver
John Bly

Published by Shire Publications Limited, 1997

First published in 1968, this best-selling monograph has useful tips for budding collectors and the correct hallmarks from 1658 to 2006.

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Is It Genuine?
Compiled and Edited by John Bly.

Published by Miller's Mitchell Beazley.

Revised edition of the essential guide to identifying fakes and forgeries in a wide range of internationalantiques .

John Bly's Antiques Masterclasss
John Bly

Published by Miller's, Mitchell Beazley.

By taking the reader through a simple and fascinating course of social history, the development of design, the introduction of materials and the evolution of manufacture, John Bly reveals the methods of identifying when an item could or could not have been made. A picture is created of how antiques are part of an ancient scene that has formed our current etiquette.

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Silver and Sheffield Plate Marks
John Bly

Published by Miller's Publications, 1996

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The Pocket Guide to Antiques and Collectables
John Bly, Simon Bull, Hilary Kay, David Battie, Eric Knowles

Published by Marshall Publishing, 1999

Illustrated with colour photographs, this guide highlights many fascinating objects, offers ways to authenticate their origin, and gives details on style and ideas of value.

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Books available via special order

Discovering English Furniture
John Bly

Published by

Limited edition available directly from our showroom. Please contact us to order a copy.

Compiled and Edited by John Bly

Published by Anglia Television and Boxtree

The Book of the Television Series: An Introduction to Antiques

Is It Genuine? How to Collect Antiques with Confidence
Compiled and Edited by John Bly

Published by Mitchell Beazley, 1987

Soon to be republished

Treasures in your home
Specialist Consultant, Contributor and Editor : John Bly

Published by Readers Digest

Five generations